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We Are Full Service Web Designers & Developers

CT Web Design by Connecticut Websites provides high quality web design & internet development services for local and national clients, including web design & site re-design, e-commerce, graphic design, search engine optimization, hosting, applications for wireless devices, web programming, and more. Connecticut Websites takes great pride in providing superior site design and internet development to it’s clients.

At Connecticut Websites we make the process of establishing a web site easy and pain free. We can also work with your existing web site to revamp and improve it. Our process starts by us listening to our clients and determining their specific needs. Once we determine the specific needs we create a plan for addressing them we use that info to design a better website. The client remains involved during the entire process and we interactively work to ensure that our clients can provide input at all steps of the process.

Web Design Services

Some Of Our Most Popular Web Design Services

  • Website Design & Re-Design
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Content Management Systems (CMS)
  • WordPress
  • E-Commerce & Shopping Cart Systems
  • Website Hosting
  • Responsive & Mobile Web Design
  • Graphic Design
  • Logo & Branding
  • Social Media Integration

Web Design Services Overview

Professionally Designed Website

Like your company brochure and other marketing materials, professional web design provides a branded and memorable experience for your Web site target market. The quality of your website’s design has direct impact on visitors’ perception of your company and value proposition.

The aesthetic look-and-feel of your Web site design has direct impact on visitor’s perception of your company and value proposition.

Fast Downloads

Quick loading pages are imperative to Internet Marketing. Studies have indicated time and time again that the number one reason for losing visitors is slow loading Web pages. Connecticut Websites takes extra care to ensure your Web pages download fast while providing an impressive and positive browsing experience.

Effective Navigation

Navigation is another feature unique to Internet Marketing. Web sites offer a medium that allows your target market to click where they want to go. Connecticut Websites takes the effort to ensure that visitors get to where they want to go fast, while maximizing visitor engagement with your company (visitor to lead ratio or visitor to customer ratio etc.). Poor navigation is the second most common reason for losing Web traffic and customers, and in general, poor web design.


Your Web site will be designed to maximize visitor interaction and provide tools to allow visitors to become participants rather than just visitors. Interactive website designs have proven to be most effective to ensure visitor engagement with your company.

Website Design And Programming

Upon approval of your site’s design template, theme, graphics and content sections, we will begin programming your Web site with the appropriate programming languages and/or web technologies.


Connecticut Websites has the skill to design even the most sophisticated, interactive and high-performance Web sites.

Browser Compatibility

Your Web site will be designed to be compatible with Firefox, Chrome, Safari, and Microsoft browsers on desktop and mobile devices.

User Compatibility

Your Web site will be designed to be compatible with independent user computer settings including screen resolutions, Web page settings, colors and text size. This is to ensure a consistent browsing experience for all visitors.


We design websites with your company’s goals & objectives in mind. Whatever your purpose for publishing to the Web, CT Web Design by Connecticut Websites will design your site to ensure a positive return on investment.

Do You Have a CT Web Design Project In Mind?

We can help you bring your ideas to life. Let’s talk about what we can design and build together.

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