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I want my website to rank better on Google. Does CT Web Design by Connecticut Websites do SEO? Is that an extra cost?

Yes, we do SEO. SEO is the acronym for Search Engine Optimization. We optimize websites to make them reach a high position in Google and other search engine’s search results. We are experts in SEO, and optimize every website we build at no extra charge to our web design clients.

Does Google require my website to be mobile friendly?

Yes. Google penalizes websites for not being mobile friendly. If you have an old website design that is not responsive or mobile-friendly, you are not going to rank high. In fact, you could lose anywhere from 50-70% of leads based on this factor alone. All websites by CT Web Design by Connecticut Websites are responsive / mobile friendly.

I keep hearing about WordPress and how it’s the best platform to build a website on. What is WordPress, and do you support it?

CT Web Design by Connecticut Websites specializes in WordPress and are widely recognized as top experts. WordPress is the simplest, most popular website CMS (Content Management System). In fact, almost one third of the websites that you visit every day are likely powered by WordPress. WordPress makes it easy to manage aspects of your website, like content (such as text, images, etc) without needing to know anything about programing. Web Design by Connecticut Websites are nationality recognized experts in all aspects of WordPress.

How much does Web Design by Connecticut Websites charge to design and develop a website?

The cost of website design and development is not only how the website looks on the surface, but also what lies “under the hood” that makes a website work. Don’t judge a website by its cover — its design is only one slice of a much bigger pie. That is why we offer a free phone consultation, so we can determine an exact price for your web design project.

Do you accept credit cards?

Yes, CT Web Design by Connecticut Websites offers a wide variety of payment options:
Payment via Credit/Debit Card
Payment via PayPal
Financing is available allowing qualified applicants to pay monthly with no money down, no interest or prepayment penalties for the first six months (call CT Web Design by Connecticut Websites for more details).

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