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Connecticut Websites provides high quality web design & internet development services for local and national clients, including web design & site re-design, flash animation, e-commerce, graphic design, search engine optimization, hosting, applications for wireless devices, web programming, and more. Connecticut Websites takes great pride in providing superior site design and internet development to it’s clients.

At Connecticut Websites we make the process of establishing a web site easy and pain free.  We can also work with your existing web site to revamp and improve it.  Our process starts by us listening to our clients and determining their specific needs.  Once we determine the specific needs we create a plan for addressing them we use that info to design a better website.  The client remains involved during the entire process and we interactively work to ensure that our clients can provide input at all steps of the process.

The following are the website design services that we offer.

When we design a website for your business we approach it  not just from a web design perspective, but also from a marketing strategy, ensuring that we have good calls to action and that the specific message that you are trying to convey comes across to your online visitors.  We custom create all of our web designs and don’t use stock templates that are used by other web sites.

At Connecticut Websites we utilize the following process for designing and building small business web sites.

  1. During the first step we gather the requirements and ask that our client fill out a creative brief.
  2. During the second step we create any graphic design material that is separate from the web site.  This might include the creation of a logo, business card or brochure.
  3. During the third step we create one or more website design concepts showing possible directions for how the web site could look.
  4. During the fourth step we work on building out the chosen web design, adding the content and creating any custom functionality if necessary.
  5. During the fifth and final step we launch the website and for those clients who have elected to utilize our marketing services we work on monitoring and improving the rankings of the web site in search engines.

More examples of our work are available in our website design portfolio.

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